Student areas

Tynside flat external

A typical Tyneside flat

If you are coming to Newcastle for the first time you are probably wondering, Where do the Newcastle students live? or What areas of Newcastle do Students live in?

Students studying at both Newcastle and Northumbria universities are drawn to the areas surrounding the City centre with easy transport links or short cycling and walking times to the universities.

The student areas of Newcastle vary in price but the actual accommodation offered is very similar. Most of the student areas in Newcastle are made up of Victorian terraced houses and “Tyneside flats”. Houses will typically have between 5 and 7 bedrooms and the flats are generally 2 bedroom to the ground floor with 3 bedroom flats upstairs.

Over the years many landlord has extended upper flats by converting loft spaces into further bedrooms and bathrooms. These “upper maisonettes” are typically 5 bedroom, but can often be 4 or 6 bed too.

The largest student areas are Heaton and Jesmond. Sandyford is a small area located between Heaton and Jesmond and is also popular with students. Fenham is a large area to the west of the city, however most of the student accommodation here is located in the Arthur’s Hill part of Fenham. Finally just behind the medical school of Newcastle University is Spital Toungues, popular with medical students.

A typical Victorian terraced house in Heaton

A Typical Victorian terraced house in Heaton

See the links below for more information about each of the areas.